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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rob and Tommy modelling

Irish rugby hunks Rob Kearney and Tommy Bowe, along side rugby daddy Paul O'Connell modelling the new Irish rugby kit.

Paul O'Connell, Rob Kearney and Tommy Bowe show off the new kit.

Watch out Tommy, there's a naughty man blowing fire at your arse!


Michael J. Willett in 'Faking It'

Michael J. Willett from the TV show 'Faking It' (and you can't see from the GIFs but that's a thong he is wearing.

Zac Efron in tiny whities

GIFs from 'The Paper Boy'. Just look at that arse and those legs! :-)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Gregg Sulkin in 'Faking It'

Gregg Sulkin naked in 'Faking It'. Apologies for the blurring, that's MTV's fault :-(
On the plus side, Greg has his hairy armpits on show! :-)

FMF Image

FMF Image

FMF Image

Beau Mirchoff with his chest hair!

Hallelujah! Beau Mirchoff has let his chest hair grow out! For those of us who have seen him in 'Awkward' we know he's usually waxed to the max! :-(

In 'Awkward' plucked like a chicken! awkward :-/

 He did have some chest hair when he was in 'Desperate Housewives'

Just a smidgen of fur

However! Look at him in 'Born to Race - Fast Track' not only is he shirtless, he's hairy too!

FMF Image

FMF Image

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Alexey Vorobyov - Instagram - 25.09.2014

Look! Alexey is shirtless again!

Hugh Sheridan - Instagram - 23.09.2014

Hugh has been very good to us. In one day he's posted two photos of himself . One shirtless, one of him looking hot sweaty with his pits on show :-)

Exhibit One:

Hugh says:
''I'm excited and a little freaked out to announce I am running the 2014 New York City Marathon in one month to raise money and awareness for @Australianwildlifeconservancy To save endangered animals in the beautiful outback of #australia PLEASE DONATE ANYTHING here at #greatcause #savethewombats !!! #australia #nyc #sorefeet #jellylegs #ONEMONTH!!! #digdeep @nycmarathon #koalasneedyou''

Exhibit Two:
Grrr...look how hot he looks. Little glimpse of his armpit hair there too!
 Hugh says:

''#rooted Just finished 9.8 miles (15.7km)... 16.4 miles to go!!! #omg #helpgetmeovertheline help protect Australian wildlife #bilbysneedyou #donate #support #friendsofaustralianwildlifeconservancy @nycmaratho''